Sundray Smart Switch RS6500-54Q-EI-48X
RP. 2,996,367,000
  1. The machine provides 48 10 Gigabit SFP+ optical ports, 6 40G QSFP+ optical ports, dual power supply redundancy;
  2. Support fat and thin mode switching, zero configuration online management in thin mode, realize plug and play;
  3. Support wireless AC centralized configuration management, including port information, VLAN, port switch, etc.;
  4. Support visual status check, including switch load, forwarding load, online status, switch status;
  5. With security features, support linkage with wireless network equipment and security equipment to achieve safer network management and control;
  6. To meet the needs of large-scale networking, suitable for large-scale campus network, enterprise network, IP metropolitan area network construction access equipment;
model RS6500-54Q-EI-48X Applicable scene Enterprise network, campus network, metropolitan area network
Number of interfaces 48*10 Gigabit SFP+ optical port; Other interface 1*CONSOLE port;
  6*40G QSFP+ interface.   1*MANAGE mouth;
      1*USB2.0 port.
Exchange capacity 2.56Tbps/40.96Tbps Packet forwarding rate 1080Mpps
Access method Fat and thin one (support switching) Online method Layer 2 broadcast/static IP address/DHCP Option43/DNS domain name
Spanning tree STP, RSTP, MSTP protocols Routing function Support IPv4/IPv6 static routing;
      Support RIPv1/2, OSPF and other IPv4 dynamic routing;
      Support IPv4 policy routing;
      ARP table ≥80K
Multicast Multicast entries ≥ 8K VLAN 4K
  Support IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping    
Mirror Support port mirroring Flow Control Support ACL, QoS
Access security Support DHCP Server, DHCP Relay; reliability Support VRRP, BFD for VRRP;
  Support DHCP Snooping;   Support BFD for RIP/OSFP/static routing/policy routing;
  Support Portal authentication;   Support Smartlink (backup link);
  Support 802.1X authentication;   Support Monitor-link (uplink monitoring)
  Support blacklist and whitelist    
MAC 160K, support automatic learning, filtering, learning limit Security features Anti-ARP spoofing, administrator hierarchical management, port protection/isolation, anti-DOS/ARP attack, CPU protection, border terminal security management
Port aggregation 128, support manual, static LACP Virtualization Support vUnit (stacking technology, virtualize multiple devices into one);
      Support M-LAG, cross-device link aggregation, paired devices have independent control plane
Network management APP remote management, remote management across WAN/NAT Switch portrait Support visual viewing
power supply Dual redundant AC power module design Maximum power consumption of the whole machine ≦300W
Safety FCC, CE, RoHS EEE Energy-saving technology supporting IEEE 802.3az standard

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