Sundray Smart Switch RS5300-28T-4F
RP. 21,872,800
  1. The machine provides 28 fixed ports, including 24 Gigabit down-link electrical ports and 4 10 Gigabit up-link SFP+ optical ports;
  2. Support fat and thin mode switching, zero configuration online management in thin mode, realize plug and play;
  3. Support wireless AC centralized configuration management, including port information, VLAN, port switch, etc.;
  4. Support visual status check, including switch load, forwarding load, online status, switch status;
  5. With security features, support linkage with wireless network equipment and security equipment to achieve safer network management and control;
  6. To meet the needs of large-scale networking, suitable for large-scale campus network, enterprise network, IP metropolitan area network construction access equipment;
model RS5300-28T-4F Applicable scene Enterprise network, campus network, metropolitan area network
Number of interfaces

24* Gigabit electrical port;

4*10G SFP+ optical port

Other interface

1*CONSOLE port, 1*MANGE port

Exchange capacity 336Gbps/3.36Tbps Packet forwarding rate 108Mpps/126Mpps
Access method Fat and thin one (support switching) Online method Layer 2 broadcast/static IP address/DHCP Option43/DNS domain name
Spanning tree STP, RSTP, MSTP protocols Routing function

Support IPv4/IPv6 static routing;

Support RIPv1/2, OSPF and other IPv4 dynamic routing;

Support IPv4 policy routing;

ARP table≧1K


Support IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping;

Multicast entry ≧1K ;

Access security

Support DHCP Relay, DHCP Server;

Support DHCP Snooping;

Support Portal authentication;

Support 802.1X authentication;

Support blacklist and whitelist


Support VRRP, BFD for VRRP;

Support BFD for RIP/OSFP/static routing/policy routing;

Support Smartlink (backup link);

Support Monitor-link (uplink monitoring)

MAC 16K, support automatic learning, filtering, learning limit Security features Anti-ARP spoofing, port protection/isolation, anti-DOS/ARP attack , CPU protection
Port aggregation 64, support manual, static LACP Virtualization

Support vUnit (stacking technology, virtualize multiple devices into one);

Support M-LAG, cross-device link aggregation, paired devices have independent control plane

Port mirroring Support port mirroring Flow Control Support ACL, QOS
Network management APP remote management, NAT remote management Switch portrait Support visual viewing
power supply 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz Maximum power consumption of the whole machine ≦24W
fan Built-in fan Lightning protection Built-in lightning protection, 9KV
Safety FCC, CE, RoHS EEE Energy-saving technology supporting IEEE 802.3az standard
Operating temperature 0℃~50℃ storage temperature -40℃~70℃
Working humidity 5%~90% RH (no condensation) physical dimension 440mm x 260mm x 43.6mm

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