IBM Power System AC922 (8335-GTH) Spec 2
RP. 2,529,999,999

2X 1.92TB SSD

Server 1:8335 Model GTH
Primary OS - Linux
Rack Indicator- Not Factory Integrated
Software Preload Required
Linux Software Preinstall
Language Group Specify - US English
New Red Hat License Core Counter
AC Power Supply - 2200 WATT (200-240V/277V)
Open Power non-virtualized configuration
NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU with NVLink Air-Cooled (32 GB)
Optical Wrap Plug
Rack-mount Slide Rail Kit
PCIe3 LP 2-port 16Gb Fibre Channel Adapter
PCIe2 LP 4-port 1GbE Adapter
1.92 TB 2.5in SATA/SSD Disk Drive
32 GB DDR4 Memory
20-core 2.4 GHz (3.0 GHz Turbo) POWER9 Processor
Power Cord 4.3m (14.10-foot), Drawer to IBM PDU, 250V/16A
No Bulk Packaging Specify

IBM Power Software HIPO
8335-GTH Routing Code
OS Specify code for RHEL 7 (le) (5639-RLE)
English Preinstall PII Language
HW not Rack Integrated

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for Power (le)
Supply - RHEL 7 for Power (le)
Per Svr 1 Skt Pair w 1 PN or up to 2 VN w 3yr STD Sub

Unit Termasuk

  • Unit Utama
  • IBM Support Line for Linux on Power - 3 Year
  • WW Notice doc (
  • 3 Yr Support Line for Linux 9x5 per Server

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