Barracuda Essential - Security Edition (BEOi001a-ES)
RP. 609,840

Barracuda Essential - Security Edition (1 Users - 1 Year) 

  •  Industry-leading spam filtering

  • Virus protection using three layers of virus scanning and filtering

  • Integrated End-user Security Training

  • Link protection (sandboxing suspicious and typosquatted URLs)

  • Email-borne malware protection

  • Outbound filtering to prevent spread of malware and viruses

  • Data leak prevention to protect unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data

  • Automatically encrypts emails based on their content, sender or recipient

  • Cloud-based email encryption using Transport Layer Security (TLS)

  • Centralized management of granular security policies

  • Ensure email continuity with a 96-hour spool for undelivered emails

  • Anti-phishing protection

Advanced Threat Protection
  • Protect against zero-hour, targeted attacks

  • Protection against ransomware variants including Locky and CryptoLocker

  • Real-time email attachments scans

  • Sandboxing of attachments


Kelengkapan: Unit Utama

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