NVR Panasonic iPro WJ-ND400K/G
RP. 264,000,000

H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG multi format Up to 64 network cameras can be connected and recorded Various Recording Modes: Manual, Schedule including Event (Pre/Post),Emergency Playback VMD search Up to 54 TB with 9 HDD slots in the main unit and five WJ-HDE400 optional Extension Units each with 9 HDD slots

Supported Cameras  Panasonic i-Pro series Network cameras (Contact Panasonic for BB series and Axis® cameras) 
Supported Image Format  MPEG-4, JPEG, M-JPEG 
Supported Image Resolution  1,280 x 960, 960 x 720, 640 x 480, 320 x 240 (Depending on the camera) 
Supported Audio Format  G.726 (ADPCM) 32 kbps 
Maximum Number of Cameras  64 
Recording Recording Mode  Manual, Schedule including Event (Pre/Post), Emergency 
Pre-Event Recording  Up to 15 minutes with dedicated HDD for Pre-Event.
Shorter Pre-Event recording is possible without dedicated HDD. 
Scheduled Recording Mode  8 programs, 6 time zones/day, Independent setup for each day of the week 
Frame Rate/Camera  Up to 30 ips (Depending on the Camera) 
Browser GUI  Camera Control  Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Preset position call and program (up to 256), Auto mode 
REC/Playback Control REC, PLAY, Rev PLAY, Pause, Stop, FF, REW, Prev Record, Next Record, Prev Image, Next image, Goto Date, Goto Last (5 sec. ~ 5 min.), Area select 
Search Mode  Filtered search: Time date, Event type, Camera number
VMD search: one detection areas per search (works with supported i-Pro cameras and WJ-NT314) 
Display Mode  Spot/Quad (16 patterns) / Spot Sequence / Quad Sequence (Sequence: Live only) 
Camera Grouping  8 groups each with 16 characters title 
Image Download  Recorded data of selected camera and time range can be downloaded to a PC. Viewer software can be downloaded separately. 
SD Memory Data Download  Images recorded in the SD card in the i-Pro series cameras can be transferred to the recorder automatically. 
Copy  Recorded data of selected cameras and time date range can be copied to the COPY partition. 
Camera Title  On the browser, Up to 16 Characters 
Clock Display  On the browser. Time: 12 H/24 H, Date: 3 formats (YY.MM.DD, MMM.DD.YY, DD.MMM.YY) 
Alarm Control  Reset, Suspend 
Digital Zoom  2x, 4x 
System Log  Operator access (100), Network error (1,000), Error (100), Event (750) 
System Setup  Setup page in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese 
GUI Language  English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese 
Supported OS  Microsoft® Windows Vista® Bussiness 32 bit
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition SP2 Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional SP2
The language of the OS must be same as selected GUI language. 
Supported Browser  Windows® Internet Explorer® 7.0 Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 6.0 SP2 
Alarm / Event  Alarm Source  32x Terminal inputs, 64x Camera alarms, Panasonic Alarm Protocol 
Event Mode  Alarm / Activity / OFF 
Alarm Action  Alarm recording, e-mail notification, Alarm message, Camera positioning, FTP image transfer, Terminal output, Panasonic alarm protocol output, Buzzer, LED 
Alarm Control  Reset, Suspend 
Event log  750 
Network  Network Interface  Camera port: 10Base-T / 100Base-TX / 1000Base-T (RJ-45) Client port: 10Base-T / 100Base-TX / 1000Base-T (RJ-45) Maintenance port: 10Base-T (RJ-45) 
Maximum Band Width  Total 200 Mbps
Bandwidth Control (Client Port)  32 K / 64 k / 128 k / 256 k / 512 k / 1,024 k / 2 M / 5 M / 10 M (bps) and unlimited 
E-mail  Upon Alarm or Warning 
FTP Client  Upon alarm or Periodic transfer 
No. of Simultaneous Users  16 
User Registration  Up to 32 users 
User level  4 Levels (Programmable) 
Partitioning  User - Camera (View only, View & Control, No Access) 
Security Method User authentication (ID and password), Host authentication (IP address), Alteration detection, HTTP Port No. (1 ~ 65,535 except for reserved numbers), FTP Port No. (1 ~ 65,535 except for reserved numbers) 
External Interface  Alarm Connector (D-sub25 pin)  Alarm input 1 ~ 7, 17 ~ 32*1 
Alarm/Control Connector (D-sub25 pin)  Alarm input 8 ~ 16*1, 1x Alarm output*2, 1x Alarm reset input*1, 1x Alarm suspend input*1 
Control : Emergency recording input*1, Power outage detection input*1, External recording mode switching*1, Power outage recovery completion output*3, Time adjustment input/output*4, +5 V output*5 
Error/Warning : Network error output*2, Available disk space warning output*2, HDD error output*2, Camera error output*2, Error output*2 
EXT Storage  High-speed serial interface 1.5 Gbps (theoretical value) Only for WJ-HDE400 Extension Unit 
Other Functions  Time Synchronization  Terminal (Master or Slave), NTP (Server/Client) 
Summer Time  User definable (using menu setup)
HDD  Type  1x 8.89 cm 500 GB Serial ATA HDD (Factory default), Up to 9x HDDs can be installed. 
Maximum Capacity 54 HDD slots (with 5x WJ-HDE400 Extension Units, 9x HDDs installed in each unit) 
RAID  RAID 5/6 supported 
Partitioning  Normal / Event / Pre-Event / Copy 
Viewer Software  Playback Control  Play, Rev Play, Pause, FF, REW, Prev Record, Next Record, Prev Image, Next image 
Additional Functions  Alteration detection, Save as JPEG, Two times zoom, Print 
Supported OS, Language  Same as browser GUI, Language of the software will be English 
General  Safety/EMC Standard  CE (EN60065, EN55022 ClassB, EN55024), C-Tick 
Power Source  220 ~ 240 AC, 50 Hz 
Power Consumption approx. 170 W 
Ambient Operating Temperature  +5 °C ~ +45 °C (41 °F ~ 113 °F) 
Ambient Operating Humidity  5 % ~ 90 % (no condensation) 
Maximum Operating Altitude  2,000 m (6,500 feet) above sea level 
Dimensions  43.0 cm (W) x 13.2 cm (H) x 40.0 cm (D)
(excluding rubber feet and projections) 
Weight  14 kg (30.9 lbs.) with 1 HDD (Factory default) 20 kg (44.15 lbs.) with 9 HDDs 
Note  * Non-voltage make contact, +5 V pull-up 150 Ω
* Open collector output, 24 V max., –100 mA
* High (+5 V ~ +12 V, 6.3 mA maximum)
* 52 kΩ, 5 V pull-up, –100 mA / make contact
* 200 mA at maximum
* Weights and dimensions are approximate.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice. 

RAID5/6, Embedded OS and alteration detection for reliability

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